Balance (Short)

Directed By: Seth Graves
Produced By: Gianna Isabella

Balance is a drama with supernatural overtones about Justina, a mysterious and potent young woman who moves seamlessly through intertwined characters to bring the downfall of one with consequences--both good and bad--to others.

Collective Unconscious

Directed By: Scott Sikma
Produced By: Gianna Isabella

Made for the 24hour film race. Time. A perception of reality. An illusion of life. Something we all take for granted, but lose the moment we see it. My name is Reece Carl Westlund. This is my 24 hour notice

Rosalind Revenge

Directed By: Gianna Isabella
Produced By: Scott Sikma and Daniel Howard

Made for the CineCoup Film Accelerator. After being promoted to Inspector, Rosalind Mason arrives at what seems to be a typical murder scene only to discover her lover is the victim. Rosalind must hide her private life so she can investigate the murder, bring the killer to justice, and cope with her devastating loss.

Intimidate Me

Directed By: Gianna Isabella
Produced By: Daniel Howard

A mysterious boy, new to the school sticks up for a girl who gets bullied.

Nate Erick Story Trailer

Directed By: Gianna Isabella
Produced By: Deadline Media

Nate Erick is training for his last shot to make it into the NHL.

To Free My Soul Trailer

Directed By: Gianna Isabella and Daniel Howard
Produced By: Deadline Media

The past has haunted Alex for too long, so she’s decided it’s time to seek help. She visits Dr. Leonard Prescott, a local psychiatrist, in the hope that he’ll be able to help her overcome her problem. Little do Alex and Leonard know this psychiatry session holds much more in store than they think.